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  • Dongguan VETO technology co. LTD manufacturer production line
  • Dongguan VETO technology co. LTD manufacturer production line

VETO has systemic parts based on the progress of LCD product:  sheet metal factory, enclosure factory, module dept., assemble dept...


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Program Writing


You will be pleasantly surprised from our professional software development team. All softwares about LCD digital display are developed by our senior software engineers independently.


Our system is developed based on Windows and Android. For new digital signage, engineers will pre-install the required APP. When you receive your packages, all you need to do is a simple setup after switch on, and you are ready to go. If you have special requests with our software, you can customize it according to your needs. If you have your own software, we can also pre-install it from the factory.


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Laser Cutting


The keywords determining the one-time forming of LCD digital display sheet metal housing are laser cutting and bending process. When you need to get a perfect enclosure, you can only do so by laser cutting and bending machine in one pass. The machine's housing has precise holes and dimensions, which are achieved by laser cutting and bending.


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After the drawing is input into the computer and then laser programmed, the laser cutter automatically cuts the right size according to the drawing and cuts the holes in the sheet metal.


The cut sheet metal is put into the bending machine, and the bending machine folds the sheet metal into the shape of the enclosure, forming it in one go, which is flatter and more beautiful than manual-folding.


The semi-finished product after bending, and then a series of process: welding, grinding, riveting, painting and other processing, it becomes a complete set of LCD digital signage sheet metal housing.


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Assembling Advertising Screens


Everything is ready to go. The assembly line installs the tempered glass, power supply, amplifier, motherboard, LCD screen, backlight and other components into the integrated advertising machine. The production staff combs the connecting wires to fix them into the advertising machine.


If you need customized products, welcome to share your design drawings with us, and we will make orders according to your drawings that meet your OEM demands. If you have no idea about the drawing design, we can lead the design, and you just need to finalize it.


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Aging Test


All components have to go through a 24-hour aging test after assembly, ensure the reliability of the whole machine from the factory. When you obtain our advertising all-in-one machines, make sure all the advertising machine can adapt to various environments when working, and operate efficiently and durably for more than 60,000 hours.



Factory Test


After the machines complete the aging test, they need to be tested by Quality Assurance as a whole, including functionality, appearance, language, accessory specifications, logo markings, packaging boxes, etc.



Packing and Shipping


Once the LCD machines have completed all tests and have been cleaned, the advertising digital signage will be packed in a box with a wooden frame outside the box.


When the products are packed, they will be delivered to you from the factory by express, ship, air, etc.


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Based on the excellent R&D team and professional production line, VETO Technology is strong enough to provide OEM or ODM service of LCD digital display.


With our commitment to long-term partnership, it largely helps us to achieve great success. Many of our OEM partners have been working with us for years, including Huawei, Walmart, Uniqlo, China Mobile, Carrefour, Midea, Bank of China, KFC, Petro China, Tencent, Dongfeng Fengxing, China Unicom, TCL, etc.


Every year, we export many OEM and custominzed digital siganage all over the world, such as floor standing digital signage, interactive touch screen, commercial videl wall, portable foldable digital signage, stretched bar LCD display, temperature kiosk, outdoor display signage, etc. intractive and continuous products help them open good market, and win more customers.


When you need to make a high volume OEM or ODM order, please contact us in order to ensure the mold size, production volume and delivery time. These experienced technicians will know how to make fast and stable production according to your design drawings.



Customer-specific LCD advertising machine design process:


Contact - Confirm requirement - Design drawing - Confirm drawing - Proofing - Confirm sample - Confirm packaging - Production - Aging test - Inspection - Shipping


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We always keep maximum vitality, and strive to guard our R&D strategy. VETO invests 20% capital in R&D every year, actively introduces and learns the cutting-edge technology of LCD advertising machine, pursues market information and customer-oriented values, provides timely and reliable LCD digital display solutions.


We are strict with our R&D team, providing innovative and high-value LCD advertising display solutions. We strive to transform R&D into R&B (Research & Business).


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