Advantages of bar LCD screen

November 30, 2021

1. High reliability and good stability

The high-brightness liquid crystal substrate of the bar-shaped liquid crystal screen is processed by a unique technology. The ordinary TV screen has the characteristics of an industrial-grade LCD screen, with high reliability and good stability, and is suitable for working in harsh environments.

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2. High efficiency and energy saving, long service life

The bar-shaped LCD screen uses imported aluminum substrates, and the ability to absorb and dissipate heat with great efficiency minimizes the light attenuation of the LED lamp. The influence of the heat of the backlight on the liquid crystal substrate is minimized to achieve energy saving, long life, effective energy saving, and the product is lighter and thinner.


3. The best display effect of intelligent control

The high-brightness bar LCD screen is equipped with a light sensor automatic controller, which automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment, so that the screen image achieves the best visual effect, and also achieves energy saving and extremely low aging of product components.


4. Ultra-high dynamic contrast

The bar-shaped LCD screen has ultra-high dynamic contrast, the color display is more saturated and brilliant, the visual effect is more three-dimensional and lifelike, ultra-fast response time, unique black field insertion and backlight scanning technology enhance the visual performance under dynamic pictures.