Application fields of vertical digital signage

July 2, 2024
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Application fields of vertical digital signage

Commercial shopping malls: Commercial shopping malls are one of the main application areas for vertical digital signage. Inside and outside the shopping mall, vertical digital signage can display various brand advertisements, promotional information and shopping guides to attract consumers' attention and improve the shopping experience.

Transportation hubs such as airports and stations: In transportation hubs such as airports and stations, vertical digital signs can provide passengers with flight information, train schedules, travel guides and other services to facilitate their travel. At the same time, these places are also important display platforms for brand advertising, providing good publicity opportunities for merchants.

Hotels, catering and other service industries: In hotel lobbies, restaurants and other places, vertical digital signs can display hotel introductions, dish recommendations, conference information and other content to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Public places: In public places such as parks, squares, museums, etc., vertical digital signage can provide tourists with navigation information, event previews, etc., enriching tourists' cultural experience.