Benefits of LCD strip bar screens for shopping malls and supermarket shelves

May 31, 2024
Latest company news about Benefits of LCD strip bar screens for shopping malls and supermarket shelves

I believe that many friends now go shopping in large shopping malls or supermarkets. The price or product information will be displayed on a display screen, which is very beautiful. The convenience store in the shopping mall is closely related to everyone's life.


In order to save the internal space of the shopping mall and the neat layout of the entire shopping mall, each shopping mall will purchase shelves for orderly unloading. Therefore, each commodity can be placed in an orderly manner, making it easier for customers to choose commodities according to regional divisions. The LCD bar screen on the shelf is mainly functional and easy to maintain.


The merchant's products may be replaced quarterly or monthly. Each time the product is replaced, the labels will be replaced accordingly. Doing this requires a lot of manpower. For the bar advertising screen, only one staff member needs to be arranged to uniformly manage and replace it through the back-end software of the bar screen.


The main application areas of the LCD bar screen mainly include brand stores, TV stations, corporate exhibition halls, entertainment venues, multi-functional demonstration halls, restaurants, publicity displays, security monitoring, video conferencing centers, command and dispatch centers, exhibition centers, multimedia teaching, institutions, school studios, subways, buses, airports, shopping malls, vending machines, etc.