Characteristics of LCD digital signage display

July 9, 2024
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1.4K High-definition display: The vertical digital signage uses a 4K high-definition display screen, which can present a clearer and more delicate picture effect and bring a more realistic visual experience to the audience.

2.Multimedia display: Vertical digital signage supports the playback of multiple media formats, including pictures, videos, audio, etc., which can meet the diverse promotional needs of merchants.

3.Strong interactivity: Vertical digital signage is equipped with interactive devices such as touch screens. Audiences can interact with advertising content by touching the screen, which increases the participation and interest of advertising.

4.Real-time s: The content of vertical digital signage can be d and adjusted at any time. Merchants can flexibly adjust advertising content according to market demand and promotional activities to improve the timeliness and pertinence of advertising.

5.Energy saving and environmental protection: Vertical digital signage uses advanced energy-saving technology, such as LED backlighting, etc., which can effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment.