Features of advertising machine

October 10, 2023
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Advertising machine, as the name implies, is a device that can play video advertisements. It is a kind of device that can integrate and display text, pictures, videos and other content on the display device. It is convenient and fast to use, and has the incomparable advantages of traditional electronic whiteboards. There are many, the main difference lies in the different usage scenarios of indoor and outdoor

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  1. Timeliness

  Many advertising methods are limited by time and region. This product is not limited by time and space. It can roll advertisements 24 hours a day, effectively use every minute and avoid wasting time. It can effectively disseminate and display advertisements, and can remotely control and update advertisement content. The market share of this product is becoming larger and larger.

  2. Multimedia

  The so-called multimedia is to combine a variety of media technologies to process various information such as pictures, sounds and animations quickly and efficiently. One of the obvious features of advertising machines is multimedia, which can present boring advertisements in a vivid way. Make the advertisements become personalized and humanized, and can give full play to the initiative.

  3. Regionalization

  The advertising machine has the characteristics of regionalization. The so-called region refers to the region where the advertising machine is placed. Under the fixed placement region and scene, the advertisements it provides are highly regional at any time, which is embodied in the flow of people, people Indicators such as acceptance of advertising and economic level are all special.