How to Custom Floor Standing Digital Signage for Your Business?

September 11, 2023
Latest company news about How to Custom Floor Standing Digital Signage for Your Business?

Custom Touch screen kiosk can be a great way for your business to connect with your customers and promote your products and multimedia advertising. By adding your own corporate design and customisation, you can ensure that your touch screen kiosk is unique, attractive to your customers and promotes your business and brand.

There are many ways to custom touch screen kiosk for your business. One way is to use a touch screen kiosk that is specifically designed for your business. Other methods can be customised through third party developers. The most important thing is to find the right touchscreen kiosk solution for your business and budget.


The following are common customisation items for touch screen kiosks

I. Customised Floor Standing Digital Signage screen sizes

Customised screen sizes for floor standing touch screen kiosks can range from 32-98″, specifically 32/43/49/55/65/75/86/98″, and we at VETO support customisation of these sizes.

II. Appearance of custom Floor Standing Digital Signage

The appearance of the touch screen kiosk can be varied, specific customised items are introduced here as an example

  1. Logos, icons
  2. Colour, such as black and silver, etc.
  3. screen thickness, can be made thick and thin, the price is different
  4. Different shapes of the shell

III. Functions of custom Digital Signage

  1. Touch screen type
    No touch / infrared touch / capacitive touch / mirror capacitive touch
  2. Infrared remote control reception
  3. Camera
  4. Add portable wheels
  5. Swipe card induction/payment scanning port
  6. Printer, disinfectant, etc.

IV. Operating system for custom Floor Stand Digital Signage

The common system used for touch screen kiosks is Android, Windows also has a not insignificant share, we support the installation of both systems, there are also some machines that support dual systems. Of course there are also Linux systems, but the actual application of Linux systems less scenarios, the current market share is not high, support Linux system of digital signage suppliers are also very few.

V. Custom development of Digital Signage application software to suit your business

To achieve the same system and functions as McDonald’s or Wal-Mart’s digital signage, it is not enough to have customised support at the hardware level, you also need to develop software, there are many digital signage platforms on the market that can provide software, you need to pay a certain amount of software fees, of course, to achieve the perfect fit for your business digital signage, you may need to develop digital signage software


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