How to install the signage display yourself after purchasing it

September 5, 2023
Latest company news about How to install the signage display yourself after purchasing it

If you buy a signage display, the manufacturer does not provide installation services, how difficult it is to install on your own should be the most important concern of the buyer! Next, follow the signage display manufacturer VETO Technology’s staff to understand the correct installation steps!

1, first put the body flat in a smooth place, the base accurately embedded in the body.

2, on the screws, screws into each eyelet, and confirm whether tightened.

3、Before cleaning the screen, stop using the equipment and unplug it from the power supply to ensure that the equipment is in a power-off state, do not use the spray directly on the screen.

4, touch screen should often keep clean, such as the appearance of dust and dirt, available towels or softer items to scrub, advocate the use of non-corrosive cleaning of the glass Jin.

signage display

Signage display use precautions:

1、As most signage displays are used in public places, unstable voltage may cause damage to the equipment. It is recommended to use a stable mains power supply, do not use a common power supply with high-powered equipment such as lifts.

2、Place the signage display in a ventilated, dry environment with no direct light, do not expose the device to rain or humidity; leave a space of 250px or more around the device for heat dissipation, and for normal operation, the continuous switching time should not be less than 10 seconds. Please pay extra attention when using in environments such as swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens.

3、Do not place in a sealed area or cover the equipment or block the equipment ventilation holes to prevent damage due to high temperature inside the box when the equipment is in operation.

4、Be sure to check whether the host, display and touch screen are connected well before connecting the power supply, and turn on the power only after acknowledging that there is no error.

5、Please use only the installation parts and accessories specified by the manufacturer. Avoid stepping on or pinching the AC power cord, plug or power adapter.

6、Do not disassemble or repair the unit yourself to avoid high voltage electric shock or other hazards, but ask professional maintenance personnel to complete all servicing work.

7、Unplug the machine during a thunderstorm or when not in use for a long time.

Transport and use process should try not to touch the LCD, do not squeeze the LCD, do not let sharp objects, hard objects cut, touch the LCD to avoid causing damage to the LCD.

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