How to maintain LCD video wall?

August 21, 2023
Latest company news about How to maintain LCD video wall?

Nowadays, commercial displays are inseparable from the characteristics of strong and durable materials, LCD splicing screen is particularly advantageous, so it is very popular, such as LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing wall, etc., then how to maintain the LCD splicing screen? The following we will share what aspects of the maintenance of the LCD video wall.

1, pay attention to the electronics maintenance skills.

Electronic devices often appear electrostatic phenomenon, LCD splicing screen is no exception. Static electricity will make the dust in the air stick to the screen, so be sure to do the appropriate finishing. Can not use wet cloth when finishing, wet cloth not only finishing effect is not good and is likely to form a wet circuit, so the LCD splicing screen maintenance to pay attention to the skills.

2, pay attention to the body maintenance.

LCD splicing screen body itself is a certain time limit, the body of the switch on the splicing screen will produce a certain amount of damage, frequent switching will cause damage to the screen electronic components.

3, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.

To regularly clean the LCD video wall, you can use a wet cloth to clean the LCD splicing screen, take care not to choose a wet cloth containing too much water, so as not to have water into the screen, causing short circuits inside the LCD splicing screen and other shortcomings. It is recommended to choose glasses cloth, lens paper and other soft wipes to wipe the screen of the LCD splicing screen. Do not form unnecessary scratches on the screen.

4, pay attention to the maintenance of environmental elements.

LCD splicing large screen will be directly affected by its surroundings. If the light is too bright, there is even direct light, it will have an impact on the use of large screens, on the one hand, affect the visual communication of advertising machines, on the other hand, will also damage the screen electronic components. Also pay attention to the environment in which the air humidity is appropriate, electronic equipment too wet will affect the circuit condition, triggering short circuit problems.

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