More different sizes of StanbyME wireless screen

February 2, 2024
Latest company news about More different sizes of StanbyME wireless screen

Our VETO StanbyME products have three optional sizes, 21.5/27/32 inches. The multifunctional adjustable rotating stand with a simple design allows you to rotate and adjust it according to your own preferences. With the universal wheels, you can use StanbyME in any scene no matter how you like to move. And the battery life can reach about five hours.

StanbyME is the ultimate home entertainment screen, perfect for pairing with your phone, tablet or laptop. With just a tap of your device, you can connect to your scrollable screen and unlock a more immersive and customizable experience. And, touch screen operation is still supported when using screen mirroring. Take your content to the next level by watching movies, video chatting with loved ones, or studying on a larger touchscreen display. Of course, we can provide additional solutions for external cameras during video chats