New arrival product - StandByMe Wireless Portable Smart TV

June 25, 2024
Latest company news about New arrival product - StandByMe Wireless Portable Smart TV

A Mobile Entertainment Center

The portable charging dock is equipped with a 108Wh built-in battery, allowing you to use it wirelessly for 4-6 hours. The bottom of the dock is equipped with 5 hidden silent wheels, making it easy to move to any room in the house or even outdoors. It's undoubtedly a mobile entertainment center.


A Display Screen with Powerful Performance

Equipped with an octa-core processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, this display screen can smoothly run any applications you need. Not only can you connect it to your Switch for gaming, but it also serves as a great display screen for gaming.


High Definition Video Calls Made Easy

With an external 4K HD camera and USB connection, this display screen makes video calls a breeze. Enjoy crystal clear image quality and stable connections for your video calls, perfect for any online meetings or video calls. (Note: Webcam mounting only supports top installation in vertical view.)


Enhanced Control: Touch or Remote Option

The smart screen offers two types of control, intuitive touch or remote control, with the added benefit of reverse touch control for even easier use. With quick response times, enjoy seamless control and enhanced your experience. (Note: Remote control varies by app and is not supported by all apps.)