Some good ideas for digital signage content

August 8, 2023
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Digital signage is everywhere these days and people are finding huge advantages in using digital signage to engage and motivate customers. Of course, depending on what your digital signage is displaying, you have to target your audience to tailor content and measure success. VETO shares some digital signage content ideas here, hoping to help your business.

Today, digital signage is easy to see in various occasions. Compared with traditional advertising signs, the core advantage of digital signage is that it can display any multimedia content you want to display through digital display screens. In the short video era, this advantage is particularly prominent. You know, people get bored with content that seems hard to read and understand at first glance, and digital displays have a huge advantage in presentation.

To achieve good results, you need to test what works and adjust as needed. For digital signage content, we at VETO have sorted out some historical needs of customers, which you can use as a reference to improve audience experience.

For the retail industry

1. Your product: The most obvious share on the screen is the product, service or experience you provide. A short but evocative description can capture people’s interest. High-definition images can make things look enticing, and videos are even more so if they’re short.

2. Your Story: You can also try writing a story to content market your product. Not only tell people what you sell, but also tell people your design philosophy. What was the inspiration and process for bringing the product to market? What good is it for them? This deepens the relationship between buyers and sellers and products

3. Your brand: You’re not just selling a product or a service, you’re selling an idea. Simply put, your entire career is one thought and one mood. You can use digital signage to promote your brand to reinforce your mission, values and programs. Share employee insights and advice to present your brand as a group of people rather than a picture of a logo. This makes people feel included and connected to your brand as a whole, which translates into longer lasting buyer relationships.

4. Special Offers: Are there any special offers, promotions or discounts available right now? What is the best discount? Promote them on the big screen. Research shows that 63% of people say digital signage grabs their attention. It’s been proven time and time again that people who come to buy an item will still buy more if they see a special offer, even if it’s not an item with a clear need.

5. Digital Coupons: Whether it’s members-only or everyone, you can try out digital coupon codes. For example, the screen might say “Use code 12 at checkout before 12 noon to get 12% off $30 or more in purchases.” Since the code is only valid for a limited amount of time (eg 60 minutes), it creates a sense of urgency to drive instant sales, and can also be used to drive foot traffic during a specific time period.

6. Online Reviews: Good digital signage content not only bridges the in-store and online shopping experience through consistent branding and messaging, but also brings your online experience to the in-store screens. Display reviews and testimonials to mimic your online store. When potential customers see past customers raving about what you have to offer, it will feel real to them and will encourage them to keep shopping. Of course, it can also support offline customers to upload comments, realizing the same function as a social forum.

For user interaction

7. Self-service: Set up self-service kiosks to provide users with self-service, allowing users to experience and obtain the services they need. It also frees up your employees to spend more time with those who want a personal touch. Self-service is becoming more and more popular, and ticket vending machines, bank counters, number machines, self-service shopping, etc. are widely used

8. Information inquiry: Using digital signage in exhibitions and museums allows audiences to learn about exhibits, watch explanatory videos, participate in interactive games, etc. through touch screen interaction, enhancing the audience’s sense of participation and learning experience. Digital signage in hospitals and clinics can display doctor schedules, diagnosis and treatment guidelines, health knowledge, etc., and provide convenient medical services and health education.

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