The difference between LED and LCD Video Walls

November 8, 2023
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Comparison of LED and LCD video walls

LED video wall LCD video wall

1. First is the cost
LCD solutions are usually much cheaper than LED walls.
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2. Appearance
One needs to view the LED wall from a distance to get the full picture. Think of them like an Impressionist painting - as you get further away, you can see the full picture.
Although made of LED panels, there are no seams. The image on the LCD wall is clearer than the image on the LED wall, especially when standing nearby because it is made of high-definition panels. Each LCD screen will have very thin seams between it, called bezels.
LED walls can get very bright, making them a great choice for outdoor events. LCD walls may be very bright but are suitable for indoor use. (Unlike outdoor LED tiles, they are also not waterproof.)
5.Power requirements
LED options are much less expensive than LCD options - but you still need to make sure your venue has enough power capability. Your video wall supplier can tell you how much power is required.