The solution of information release system for shopping malls

October 21, 2023
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Shopping malls and other shopping centers, as crowded public places, have always been a must for businesses with huge consumption potential, and at the same time, they also contain endless advertising opportunities. With the further development of the market economy, the business environment becomes more mature, and the competition becomes more diversified. How to use modern network information technology and interactive display technology to provide customers with more shopping environment experience and timely and effective information will be a commercial complex. Invest in important aspects of improvement.

shopping mall kiosk

  The intelligent information release system provides intelligent guides for large complexes such as shopping centers, product and brand map navigation, wayfinding, store search and query, food and beverage, smart parking and other functions, helping complexes improve service quality and give full play to the value of offline traffic. It can also collect on-site data to help operators make efficient decisions.

  01Analysis of demand for shopping malls

  1) Image building and display of shopping malls

  In addition to the strength of hardware facilities, shopping malls need to show the energy and image of soft power. Through the multimedia information release system of the shopping mall, more people can see the whole picture of the shopping mall and fully demonstrate the comprehensive strength of the shopping mall.

  2) Multi-level information transmission

  The shopping mall multimedia information release system can display different contents on different occasions, face different audiences, at different times, and carry out targeted information delivery for different consumer groups.

  3) Unified management and control

  The shopping mall intelligent guidance system can manage all display devices (including TV, LED screen, LCD, PDP, rear projection, etc.) in a unified manner. Only one manager can edit all the playback devices in the shopping mall. Distribution, group management.

  4) Digital informatization construction of shopping malls

  As an important carrier of informatization construction, the information release system integrates and manages information related to shopping malls, such as policies, news, investment promotion information, and shopping mall introductions, and provides timely, comprehensive, high-quality, and efficient information services for digital and information-based shopping malls. And a brand-new business atmosphere, solve the problem of scattered information in shopping malls, and establish a comprehensive, open and distributed information guidance service platform.

  02 Information release system function support

  The information release system is based on large-scale touch screen applications and Internet technology. It provides comprehensive solutions to the problems of shopping malls, such as difficulty in finding cars and stores, and locking in passenger flow. It provides consumers with intelligent self-service and interactive marketing for brands, businesses and consumers. The platform helps shopping malls improve shopping experience and overall operational efficiency, facilitate business growth, and create more commercial value. It is an effective carrier for shopping mall intelligence and service humanization.

  Floor Guide

  Consumers can confirm their current location and view shops and service facilities on different floors. The map navigation function can use the 3D floor map module to give customers a better interactive experience. The page functions are clearly distributed and the design is simple.

  membership service

  Display shopping mall membership policy information, and connect to shopping mall membership system to realize functions such as membership registration, point query, and point redemption.

  shopping mall activities

  Display the latest shopping mall activities and advertising information within the validity period. It also supports the display and distribution of store discounts or products, which can be obtained through consumption on mobile platforms or stores.

  Extended service

  Catering and delicacies are connected, delicious food does not need to wait; parking payment is connected to the parking lot system of shopping malls for parking space inquiry and payment; cinema online is connected to the cinema system to purchase and select seats easily; other service information (borrowing umbrellas, mobile phone charging, wheelchairs, etc.).


  Support personalized function customization (face recognition, voice search, VR real scene, somatosensory, entertainment applications, etc.).

  03System mall application scenarios

  The specific application of multimedia information release system in shopping malls and other large shopping malls is as follows:

  1) Main entrance and exit of the shopping mall hall

  The main entrance and exit of the shopping mall hall is the most densely populated place in the shopping mall. Customers who come to shop generally have to go through the entrance and exit of the hall to various shopping areas. This is the place where customers need to be guided the most. Customers can easily obtain the shopping process, shopping mall electronic map, and features stores, which can significantly improve the work efficiency of shopping malls.

  2) Shops and rest areas

  The promotion of characteristic stores is convenient for customers to understand the latest activities, new stores, etc., which is convenient for customers to shop and improves the economic benefits of shopping malls.

  3) Elevator area

  Channels such as escalators and sightseeing elevators use video terminals to promote the image of the mall and product advertisements while customers are waiting, so that customers can understand the mall and also shape the brand image of the mall. It can also broadcast public welfare information such as weather information, weather index, clock, etc., to improve the viewing effect, increase advertising revenue, and further enrich the broadcast content.