What are the benefits of electronic interactive whiteboard

November 30, 2021

Using interactive whiteboard technology, it makes the presentation of digital resources more flexible, and also solves the problem of highly solidified structure of teaching materials using courseware and ppt lecture notes in the environment of multimedia projection systems in the past.

The interactive electronic whiteboard can realize instant storage of the contents of the writing on the blackboard. Any text and graphics written and drawn on the whiteboard can be saved to the hard disk or mobile storage device for use in the next class, next school year or in other classes, and shared by teachers; it can also be distributed to students in electronic format or printed out for Review after class or use it as a review material.

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The interactive whiteboard technology makes the previous color monotonous, and the teaching presentation is limited to handwritten text and hand-drawn graphics. The blackboard becomes colorful. It can not only write on the blackboard freely as before, but also display and edit digital pictures and videos, which is conducive to improving students' interest in learning. , Make teaching productive.