What are the characteristics of outdoor LCD digital signage?

November 30, 2021

1. The form of expression is rich and colorful

The generous and stylish appearance of outdoor LCD digital signage can beautify the city. The high-definition high-brightness LCD screen displays clear image quality, which often makes consumers naturally accept advertisements.


2. High arrival rate

The arrival rate of outdoor LCD digital signage is second only to TV media, ranking second. Combining the target population, choosing the correct application location, and coordinating with good advertising creativity, you can reach multiple levels of people in an ideal range, and your advertisements can be more accurately recognized.


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3. 7*24 hours uninterrupted playback

Outdoor LCD digital signage can continuously broadcast content in a loop for 7*24 hours, and can update the content at any time, regardless of time, location, and weather. A computer can easily manage outdoor advertising machines across the country, saving manpower and material resources.


4. More acceptable

Outdoor LCD digital signage can make better use of the blank psychology that consumers often produce in public places when they are on the way, during walking and sightseeing. At this time, good advertising ideas are more likely to leave a very deep impression on people, attract a higher rate of attention, and make it easier for them to accept advertisements.


5. Strong selectivity towards regions and consumers

Outdoor LCD digital signage can choose the form of advertising according to the location of the application, such as choosing different forms of advertising in commercial streets, squares, parks, and vehicles, and outdoor advertising machines can also be based on the common psychological characteristics and customs of consumers in a certain area To set