What is stretched bar lcd display?

August 8, 2023
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What is stretched bar lcd display?

Stretched bar lcd displays can have various aspect ratios, commonly ranging from 16:3 to 32:9 or even wider. These displays are often used in applications where space is limited or a unique form factor is required. Them find applications in areas such as digital signage, transportation systems, retail displays, and other specialized settings.
Such as public transportation information boards, retail shelf-edge displays, or industrial control panels.

How did VETO make the stretched bar lcd display?

VETO have mastered the technology of cutting screens, and can cut the length and width of the original large-size display screen, so as to adapt to the usage scenarios with limited space or requiring unique shapes, and assemble all the accessories, and the whole machine can be used immediately The state of use is sent to our customers. The damage rate of our cut screens is very low, so we provide 1-3 years of warranty for our strip screens, so that customers can buy and use with confidence.


Briefly introduce the application scenarios of the pull-down bar lcd display?

Mainly used by our clients for retail displays to sell their featured products. To increase sales, promote the brand, save maintenance costs and labor costs. To give an image metaphor, the bar screen is like a new shopping guide in your store, through the multimedia materials you have formulated, you can achieve the desired effect.


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