What problems can hotels solve by using floor-standing digital signage?

January 20, 2024
Latest company news about What problems can hotels solve by using floor-standing digital signage?

The information age has already changed the way hotels operate, and the hotel industry is developing in the direction of digitalization, networking, and informatization. The use of floor-standing advertising digital signage in hotels can effectively strengthen information communication between the hotel and guests, and enhance the hotel's overall image and competitiveness. The hotel floor-standing LCD advertising digital signage information release system should provide comprehensive information to passengers.


Hotel application areas: hotel lobbies, elevator entrances, restaurants, hotel rooms, conference rooms, corridors, etc.


Hotel floor-standing advertising digital signage application plan:


Digital advertising screens realize service information release, advertising, customer guidance and other services. The system uses the hotel's internal LAN as the network platform and deploys multiple network-connected playback and display terminals in lobby restaurants, conference rooms, elevators and other places. Broadcast general guides, restaurant introductions, hot dishes, promotions, food culture, banquet themes, schedules, welcome speeches, wedding blessings, etc., with gorgeous, dynamic images, super interactivity, etc., to broadcast general guides, restaurant introductions, Hot dishes, promotions, food culture, banquet themes, schedule, welcome words, etc. Wedding wishes and more. At the same time, it provides customers with exciting information, creates an atmosphere of blending scenarios, and increases customers’ consumption experience.