Where to Buy Digital Signage Displays?

August 10, 2023
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1. Online retailers and marketplaces:
For our digital signage display suppliers, it may be difficult for you to find merchants selling digital signage displays on common C-end e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, because these digital signages are of high value and inconvenient for transportation and storage, and the market is also It is mainly aimed at buyers and companies in shopping malls and supermarkets.

But most digital signage suppliers will try to build a website to reach their customers, so you can go to the search engine to search for relevant keywords to find their official website.
A word of caution, don't buy directly at their quoted price, ask them to determine your needs and get the lowest quote

2. Distributors and Wholesalers:
You may find resellers or wholesalers offering bulk orders at discounted prices.
Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and Tech Data are examples of IT and electronics distributors.
Local electronics and tech stores:

Visit a local electronics store or technology retailer that offers commercial displays.
Chain stores such as Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, and Micro Center may feature digital signage displays.

3. Professional digital signage suppliers:

Larger companies that specialize in commercial displays often have a dedicated digital signage solutions division.
Some examples include Samsung, LG, NEC, Panasonic, and Sharp.
Pro Audio Visual and Technology Suppliers:

Companies that specialize in professional audiovisual (AV) equipment may also offer digital signage displays.
Check out providers like AVI-SPL, B&H Photo Video Pro Audio, and Full Compass.

4. Leasing company:

Some companies that offer digital signage rental services may also sell their used equipment.
Before purchasing, be sure to research the specifications of the digital signage display you are interested in, including size, resolution, connection options, and compatibility with your intended use. Plus, read reviews and compare prices to make sure you're getting the best value for your investment.